The city of tomorrow 2017


With the vision of the Auditorium della Tecnica, Confindustria’s head office, in the EUR area of Rome, on 11 and 12 May 2017, the first edition of the International Forum “The city of tomorrow” – Between History and Sustainable Development took place.


The symposium started a long debate about environmental education, energy, alongside environmental sustainability, environmental and climatic education, sustainable innovation, plus environmental and social benefits. Focusing on normative and managing aspects over its entirety.

The objective of the forum that counts on international profile and competencies is to elaborate a cultural platform. Making treasure of all the initiatives and to all that is made until today, forces towards the innovation and so on over the safeguarding of rights and interests over future generations.

The international forum “The City of tomorrow” wants to collide several realities from different countries, different cultures, and so on different economic capabilities in order to find common points coming from the outer cities in terms of sustainability, ideas sharing, and most important to share with partners new concepts to sustainable development for the further millennium. A dialogue that aims to walk the path of past activities, and get the necessary strength to look forward the challenges to elaborate a cultural platform that is the engine of innovation for the next generations.


The covered themes will include: Architecture and Constructions; Energy; Mobility; Sustainability; Health; Fashion & Beauty.

The keywords for the event are: Smart cities, sustainable development, digital development, innovative applications, sustainable tourism.

Mario Carulli has been introducing the forum and the institutional opening, following Massimo Garavaglia, Economy aldermanat Regione Lombardia; On. Daniele Diaco, President at Commissione Roma Capitale Ambiente; Zaur Gadimaliyev, second secretary at Embassy of Azerbaijan in Italy; Tünde Hagymási, first counseilor for trade and investments at Hungarian Embassy; Rudolf Durdìk, economic counseilor at Slovakian Embassy in Rome; Fausto Bianchi, President of giovani Industriali Unindustria related to start-up business; Damiano Pietri, National president of giovani Confartigianato; Simone Ceci, President of giovani Imprenditori di Confartigianato Lazio; Barbara Molinario, President of Road to Green 2020, non-profit organization main host of the event.

After the institutional openings followed the precious contributions of the experts. With Dr Boglàrka Ivanegovà, food security expert; Dr. Farid Aliyev, head Department of Baku’s Public Relations, who introduced the “Baku White City” witness; Dr. Habib Malouf, of the Lebanese Commission For Environmental and Development, who focused his contribution to the sustainability of the Mediterranean area; Dr. Amani Malouf, from American University of Beirut, who spoke about sustainable project over Mediterranean area, noticing the potential of tourism as first resource, the true engine of “The city of tomorrow”.


In the second session, on this first day, we talked about the future of cities in smart city optics, anti-seismic, green economy and local development solutions, interventions were moderated by Dr. Janet de Nardis, who left the word to Jean Marc Schivo and Lucilla Revelli, Schivo & Partners Paris; followed by Dr. Paola Ronca of the Politecnico di Milano; Architect Patrizia Colletta of the Order of Architects P.P.C. of Rome and the province, DIPSE Chairman; Dr. Gatioloner Gunther, Scientific Director Active House Italia; Dr. Piero Joime, professor of economics, environment and soil at the University of Rome “Guglielmo Marconi”; Eng. Albino Angeli, Technical Director XLAM DOLOMITI; Dr. Alessio Mastroianni, environmental biologist of the Young Entrepreneurs Unindustry group; Dr. Tünde Hagymási; Dr. Valerio Caroselli, President of “Lazioconnect”; Dr. Paolo Mezzalana of the Paralleli Digital Building.

At the end of the day, a gala dinner was held during which, the Ceremony of the “Road to Green 2020” Award 2017 was awarded, it was awarded for their generosity and engagement in causes of national social interest, the chairman of the Union of Rieti, Marco Pezzopane, the entrepreneur Lorenzo Civerchia, the entrepreneur Giulio Natalizia, the mayor of Tarquinia, Marco Mazzola, the mayor of Avezzano, Giovanni di Pangrazio, the mayor of Siena, Bruno Valentini.

The second day of the event has been 12th of May 2017 and it has been focused on the International Green day, presented by the president of non-profit organization, Barbara Molinario, the initiative was also promoted by social engagement and people inspired to pursuit green behaviors.

Initially in order to open and moderate the forum, where tourism was mentioned as a resource and engine for sustainable development, Dr. Didi Salvatori del Prato opened the debate, then he left the floor to: Leonardo Tosoni and Marco Piastra of Skylab Studios ; Josep Maria Palau Riberaygua, of the University of Barcelona; Prof. Fabio Massimo Frattale Mascioli of La Sapienza University of Rome; Ada Rosa Balzan of Federturismo Confindustria; Dr. Paolo Sarrocco of Paralleli Digital Building; Maria Cristina Selloni, Director of Tourism Department Roma Capitale; Stefano Fiori, President of Tourism Unindustria.

Following the last debate, there was a round table moderated by Leonardo Tosoni, this was an occasion to speak about the growth of the cities and sustainable development alongside other Italian mayors and representatives of institutions.


The forum promoted, in collaboration with the Accademia del Lusso, the contest #roadtogreen was a compositive formula of promotion and ideas thought to inspire people in behaving more eco-consciously.

In this way, the organizers of the contest aimed to highlight the ideas that were most in line with the goals and guidelines of the organizers. Selected winners are listed below:

1st Martina Giovanna Callea, with The Factory, an ambitious project of reuse of disused areas;

2nd Viviana Rosati and Mahashar Ghasemieh, with Sirena, an eco-sustainable fashionable dress that includes plastic strips;

3rd Sara Giannitelli, with Mother Nature’s, a photographic project depicting nature at its finest.