The international green day 2017 #roadtogreen


Taking the occasion of the International Forum “The City of tomorrow”, Road to Green 2020 presents for the first time ever to the public the International Green Day.

As we already know, May is the month in which the green explodes in all its splendor and it becomes colored with many shades.


The International Green Day has been conceived as a twenty-four-hour event devoted entirely to the theme “green”, its declinations in the redevelopment of urban green areas, sustainable development and an ecological approach to our everyday life.

The decision to bring out such a recurrence comes due to the constantly-growing need felt primarily by the institutions, and the non-profit organizations, for the protection of the entire environment. Many other great figures such as show business profiles (such as Leonardo di Caprio, etc.) have shown significantly growing interest into this type of position, to end the uncontrolled exploitation of the territory.

Therefore the primary objective of this initiative is to emphasize the need for a new lifelong approach to life and environment itself, for present and next generations.

The international green day will bring out the green color, and it will be promoted with events and initiatives that will involve cities to induce people in having “sustainable” behaviors.

Through playful activities, engaging the crowd in funny situations, socializing, beauty and culture, you can achieve greater results in terms of awareness, a strong awareness that comes with fun rather than strict rules.

The aim is to make the common citizen aware of his choices and so on to introduce and encourage him to “green” behaviors.

“Through the green color we intend to raise public awareness and to plant a seed that will grow in those people minds who will live this day; until they will get the convention that in order to live in a better world we have to make relative choices capable of granting us and our children a better world to live.


The Road to Green 2020’s mission is environmental education at its finest, sustainable development, environmental energy and sustainability, environmental and climatic formation, sustainable innovation, plus environmental and social benefits.

[Barbara Molinario, President of Road to Green 2020]



Finally, the Day will be announced on all social networks through official hashtags: #roadtogreen, #lacittadelfuturo, #giornatainternazionedelverde.